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Super squeeky!


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Hi folks, I have a set of airheart 175s on the front of my bucket and they are squealing like crazy. It's embarassing to come to a stop now. I have tried everything I know,... scuffing the rotors, scuffing the pads, I even put a dab of rtv on the back of the pads. They still sound like nails on a chalkboard. I have the hard compound pucks in there because speedway was out of the soft ones. Is there anything I can do other than changing the pads, and will that stop the squeal?
First suggestion is to change the pads and go ceramic. Much nicer no dust no noise.
Some pads, because of the compound especially lower end lines, tend to be noisy anyway. Noise is movement, make sure that the pads sit snug in the calipers, Better than RTV on the backs is a thin film of good silicone lub. Also you might try putting a small taper on each end of the pads, this sometimes helps.But if you cooked them before they've had a chance to cure then it's not likely any of these cures will help
Good luck
Sorry one more thing make sure the caliper sliders and hardware is in good shape so the pads hit the rotors squarely
My Wilwoods squeal like crazy too. I read they have shims or something but I have not looked into it. If I make any progress I will post some information.
I have Wilwood 175's and new pads from Wintec. They don't squeak at all.

They are one of the sponsors of this site. Look in the Forums section under Suppliers and Manufacturers.


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