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T-Bucket/ Dragula

Red River Jack

New Member
Hey guys when i first came on the board
i was building this thing it,s T- bucket inspired
here,s the look i,m goin for the top i,ll make
with 1/2 plywood and cover in something.
Might call it the Transilvaina T .
is your name Herman Muenster. I bet if you get it built morticians would sponser you in parades.
A bunch of bad puns and jokes come to mind. Creative and different, keep us posted.
Yep, I had a bunch of puns to toss into the mix, then I thought the better of it. :):lol:

Looks pretty cool (or is that "stone COLD dead"?..........sorry, couldn't help myself :eek:) Post up some more pictures and keep us posted on the progress.

I like it :ciao:
Since Don started it......

I'm dying to drive it:rofl:
i like it but id lower it myself it looks like it sits a tad high , just my 2 cents worth , but it does look cool :cool:
I love it because to get this far you must have had clear vision....

all of that being said, I agree it needs to be lower, esp in the front. If you cant also lower the rear, try to mock it up to see what it could look like with the front dropped....

I also think the frame should be hidden by the coffin.

Thanks for the cartoon view of the top and radiator... perhaps the top should be curved like the top of a coffin, and the windshield and back window could mimic it and perhaps match the radiator

and my free advice is worth every penny it cost.......

ps: how bout dual exhaust witht the tips made to look like flower vases....
Hey guys thanks for all the coments!
I thought my self it sits high and have
given a lot of thought to lowering it.
here,s a new pic just took a few cuts
and a little moving what about this
That looks good. Set the rear end so when you're sittin' in the seat, the pumpkin is under your knees. I can almost see "Gandpa" sittin' there!


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