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For Sale T-Bucket Parts


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I have nearly enough parts for sale to make your own T-bucket. There is too much to list here, please go to FOR SALE

Below are pictures of what this could be, but they are for reference only. Some of the parts pictured are not included and are not for sale.

I forgot to add: This all comes with a clear Arizona title so you shouldn't have any trouble re-registering the parts (car) in your name.

151657_re.jpg 151706_re.jpg 151724_re.jpg130633_re.jpg131837_re.jpg 151607_re.jpg 151612_re.jpg 145648_re.jpg
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That's a great deal, Jeff. Somebody who wants to build one should jump on this ASAP!

(PS - I assume you don't want to sell any items piece-by-piece.)
What size are the Mickey Thompson Flame Radials?
I got so wrapped up in inventorying the parts for this sale that I forgot to include the possibly most important thing - this all comes with a clear Arizona title and license plate.
What does a Jag rear end cost these days and how much to make it shine?
I bought mine from Bill Darr through @lincolnuT so I should probably let one of them tell you how much they cost. As far as chroming, I think the total tab was around $1500 for chrome and $400 for disassembly and re-assembly.
I have one that I have restored I was gona install in my Cedan that I would let go for 1100 Bucks but it still some bearing checking needs done.

The last time Bill and I talked he still wanted $600/$650 for a usable rearend. These were removed from the cars and stored only.
I have one, XKE 55" wide complete, Salisbury 3.54 gear for $600 if anyone interested. Lower control arms already modified for CCR type wishbone mounts.
Can deliver to Biloxi Nationals if desired.

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