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"T" Bucket Pickup's


New Member
I'm looking for photos of "usable" open air T-bucket Pickups. I only have found one or two of what's interesting to me.
The first pic is missing grannys rocker in the back.

The second one is coooooool.
The bucket in the first photo would look much better if they moved the rear axle back about 2 feet. The second is perfect just the way it is.

My Grandfather had a photo of himself when he was a kid (10 maybe 12 years old) in a T that had been cut up and made into a pick up by a farmer. It was just a crude, homemade pine bed. My bucket is based on that photo.

I don't have any good photos of the complete car yet, but heres a shot of the bed being built. Its nothing fancy just pine like they used on the farm with spar varnish.

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