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T-bucket springs


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OK . . . I'm jerking your chain a little, but my intent is to encourage those of you building a T to keep us posted on things you are doing. The rest of us whose cars are more complete love to read of your progress, even if it's just little stuff like deciding what kind of suspension will work for you. It gives us a chance to re-live our own builds, and even offer a little "expert" advice (which is frequently worth just what you pay for it! :rolleyes:)

So c'mon . . . let us hear from you!

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When I was gathering parts and putting my front end together, I was following Ted Brown's (RIP) advise. I forgot what he used, it's in here somewhere, He used the widest (longest) springs he could use, they were even wider than where the radius rods were mounted. The springs ran in between the upper and lower bars. Well, I didn't carry mine this far, but I looked for an axle with the widest shackle spacing and I believe I used a 31"spring instead of the typical 26" one that's used on so many T's. The longer spring suppose to give a better ride, IDK I still have to get mine going...
Also remember Ted (RIP) did use only one spring for that front end......I had a long talk with him in Bakersfield California one day about that very same thing, boy I sure wish he was still around to bounce things off of....... I sure never thought that he would be gone so soon after that visit.

I’m using a funny car torsion bar front end system. To make it mount up clean I bought a Super Bell axle before it was welded together then cot out about 8” if I remember right. Hey! I’m old! Then attached the bottom attach point to the bar and added top radius bar and done! I really like the looks of the real narrow axle. IMG_1035.jpeg IMG_0932.jpeg

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