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Take the muscle car quizzzzzzzz

blownt said:
yeah, there are a few in there I question. Especially the 49 Olds.

11 out of 13.

I like the engine quiz better and I got all them right.
Try this one...... think its been on here before
11out of 13 I missed on the Hemi introduced in racing in 64 what about all those back in the 50S?
And the Olds as a muscle car
I am with Leon about the Hemi. I can't remember the rich guys name, but he had a NASCAR fleet of IIRC '55 Chryslers and Bobby Allison was one of his drivers. The 49 Olds I got. If you compared it to the rest of the cars of that era it was a muscle car. I am 60 and remember hearing my friends older brothers and my uncles and cousins who were 5 years + older than me talking about the 49, 50 Olds. I would love to have a nice 49-50 Olds coupe or 2 door sedan, along with a half a dozen other cars. Oh well, I can dream.....:)
Wow,,, 6 of 13...... maybe I shouldn't have trader a Harley for a bucket? But I will be optomistic and realize there is a lot of oportunity here. (learned that from Dale Carnige) Woo Hoo! Let's go racing!!!!!!
the 49 Olds was the one I missed too.

Looking at my results, maybe my wife is right & I need to look at a broader range of life
I missed what year did they start racing the Hemi.
But I got all the rest right. :D
Go Mango? Thats a color? I remember plum crazy, but go Mango? :eek:
darn, missed one. :cool:

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