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Ted Brown Gassers and Funny Cars


Hi all. Sittin' here watching the snow come down, so in case you haven't checked out the photos at Ted Brown's MySpace page, I wanted to post a few of the gassers and funny cars that Ted worked his chassis magic on. Don't know about you, but I'd have worked minimum wage sweeping the floors just to be in the company of all this Hot Rod history. If you're an aging "baby boomer" like me, do any of these cars bring back fond memories?




I checked out that page, he sure has known alot of beatiful women over the years. Lots of nice cars too.
Damn I'm old,I remember all and seen most...
Well Thanks for showing these, I am still green at doing a real good job here of getting the pics to go where I want then.. hehe
PS, that shot of the MGM/C&O Austin, was after Gean sold the car, (I believe) and they must have been showin off with that wheelie, because that AG/S car could leave with all the tires on the ground. That is one thing (Main) they paid me for. :} But that shot of Doug's Chevy II it was first built to run all the way down the track doing a wheelie, then he decided he wanted to go FAST! a whole different type of chassis was needed for that task.
And Yes I did know a ton of Beautiful Ladies during My years in photography ...
Damn, I've seen a lot of those cars run. My favorite of that lot has always been the Stone, Woods & Cook gasser. Anytime they were running within 200 miles of me it was road trip time.
Very impressive. I remember some of those cars, but it was from reading old Hot Rob mags I'd stumble upon. I think everyone can find something to like about gassers. They just looked so badazz!:lol:

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