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testing photo posting...


Hey all,

I'm just testing this hosting for some pics of my T...fingers crossed, here it goes.

Cool!!! It works! Here is another.

Looks great Jim, welcome to the 21st century....:cry::D:lol:;)
I'm glad that I am able to FINALLY post some pictures. I was beginning to think that it was harder than Chinese arithmetic.
That is one very slick T!!! Ya did good!!!

Very nice car. Get any rain by you this week?

We got just over 2" in the last 24 hours according to my rain gage. Living in Oviedo, we were on the left side of the storm and lucked out.
Tire sizes...

The front tires are 165/80 x 15" on 4" rims and the rears are 285/70 x 15" on 10" rims.
It's always a pleasure to see your T Bucket. Very, VERY nice!
Very nice! I'm still drawing pictures and looking at parts, I want to come up with my own style, but I keep going back to yours for inspiration.
I have sent a lot of time just studying the engineering on you car since the first time you posted pics. The new guys could learn a lot by doing the same. That is one very awesome T!

It would be great if you could create a pictorial in the galleries.

Thank you Ron.

If I EVER become proficient enough with this computer stuff I'll be more than happy to give it a shot.
Re: Thank you Ron.

If you can build a dynamite T like that, you can master a 'puter.


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