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TH350 Question


Does everyone have to grind off the lifting eyes in order to get it to fit in the tunnel or is just people that have the Total Performance bodies. I have a Spirit body and don't mind taking the lifting eye off of the transmission, but if I don't have to, I will leave it. The old " Don't fix's it if it isn't broke " Thing. Thanks
If I remember right I ground one of mine off to gain a bit of room for my steering box..Your build is probably different tho..
i had to grind mine off on the drivers side for clerance
so i just did the passenger side so it would match
i also had to notch a little to clear the steering box
i have a total body and frame
I had to grind mine down also. I originally was going to use a Total P body, so I did it beforehand.
Ground mine off too. They serve no real purpose to me anyway, so it just cleans things up a bit.


Gee, I wanted to see if I could post a picture, and I DID!!!!!!!!!
I had to notch the Flange on the bottom to clear the stering box and remove the eyes to clear the body.... But the biggest thing that had to be cut ,was the bracket on the Lokar shifter (pass side)the floor (tunnel) was right on it and it kept the body 2 inches off the frame, even now after cuting it is still real close to hitting.
I have a Total car so mine had to come off. I also had to notch the dustcover flange like wrlowery to clear my Flaming River steering box. Haven't posted in awhile so I'll say howdy and welcome to all the new folks!

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