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Buck Osborne

New Member
“Lucille” was created from scratch and was a total custom build. The frame is a unique 120mil DOM Steel frame TIG welded with the fabrication time reaching approx. 200 hours in the frame alone. It was chrome dipped in 1 shot meaning no chrome seams on the frame. Because the frame is a total custom, all attached brackets (steering box, shock, master cylinder, etc.) are custom fabricated as well. All wiring is hidden within the frame with all dash switches hidden beneath the dash giving the interior that “clean look”. The motor is a crate 350 with a 471 blower from Big Al’s Toy Box driving a turbo 350 transmission driving a 10 bolt rear-end. The car has less than 6000 miles on it and Mickey Thompson street radials all around make for a great ride and look. PS the wheelie bars have never actually been used. The top is easily removed depending on your taste and desire. The entire underside of the body and interior of the puck-up bed is Rhino lined the same color as the car which is Corvette sunset orange. I am selling the car but because of requirements, I need to be on here for 30 days first. I used this forum to help during the build, but due to not having access to my old account I am starting over. Hopefully, I can send her off to a good home in time.
Welcome, Buck. That's quite a build story. I, too, look forward to pics. Did you use plans for the build?

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