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Thanks guys....


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Please keep me in your thoughts,I'll have
my wife person(Sue)give you an update
I'm reporting to hospital at 5am friday.

Take care,Jim
You are in my thoughts and my prayers. Don't worry, you'll do just fine.

You'll be back on in no time, forums are good therapy and should fit nicely into your rehab routine!

Good Luck!!!
Good luck to ya Jim. We will be looking forward to your wife's report that everything went great.
See ya back on the boards soon!!!
Chuck T
You will be in our thoughts and prayer for sure. You will be fine, they have this stuff down so it is just like us changing a carb.........they know what they are doing. The worst part is being at the hospital so d*** early!! :eek:

Yes, please have Sue keep us posted. :rolleyes:

Hang in there Jim, they can do alot these days with a can of Form-A-Gasket and a cheerios box. They'll fix ya up and have ya back on the road in no time at all. :rolleyes:
I will be thinking about you while doctors make you feel young again tomorrow. Soon to be back in your bucket with the wind in your face with a smile.


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