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The bitch is back


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Sorry guys. I have been looking for work and I have not had a chance to log in. But it is so good to be home.:D let me see....Fred.... sounds familiar....I seem to remember, but I have CRS....Fred....
a faint memory....if I don't think about it , it will come to me....ah yes, Fred....still can't place it.....

Nice to hear from you, John
Fred? Ain't he the guy with the little buddy named Barney?
Welcome back Fred. I hope that you were able to find work and all is well with you.

:ciao:Welcome back Fred! You have been missed for sure. Hope the job hunt went well.
A big welcome back You where missed. Happy 4Th of July weekend.How's Your bucket treating You?
Aint no sunshine when hes gone, Its not warm when hes away, aint no sunshine when hes gone, and hes always gone to long , anytime he goes away.
Wonder this time where hes gone, Wonder if hes gone to stay, Aint no sunshine when hes gone , And the forum just aint no home any time he goes away. Tribute to the workin man. Welcome back Fred.
It's great to see you here again Fred. Hope all is well with ya!!

Welcome home Fred. It's great to here from you.

Well, guess I can call off the Blood Hounds, Fred is back. Fred hope things are turning around for you. It is time for you to get a good break. Take care my friend.
Welcome back Fred! Hope your job hunting went well? Hope to read more about your rebuild.
Again welcome back.
Welcome back Fred ..Hope things are going better for ya

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