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The customer is not always right

I used to run second shift at a Sears auto repair with a satisfaction guaranteed sign over the door. There where nights I wanted to call the cops.One guy sent his 17 year old son down to get his car fixed then asked who gave approval for the repairs.Because his son was a minor so he is not paying the bill.
I could put so many instances here that it is stupid.
About a month ago a customer emails saying he bought a pair of Recon LED mirror lights and broke one of them installing them. Asks what can we do for him. We send him to the manufacturer to see if they will just sell him one light. Manufacturer turns him down. So he puts a PayPal dispute for not as described and sends them back for an exchange.
Had to give him a Brand new set, eat the ones he broke and pay shipping to get him his new set :soapbox:
The instances where customer have bought parts from us and given us an incomplete and or bad address is incredible. We ship the parts, pay the freight and it comes back. We email customer and customer says "yes, I forgot .... on my address, or I moved, or whatever, send them again", when we ask for freight money, they get insulted, so we end up paying freight twice :soapbox:
The amount of PayPal disputes for not as described, that end up being idiots that destroy a part is also unbelievable. For example, they buy a set of plug wires for a V8 mustang and try to install them on their V6 Mustang. Hey they are both Mustangs so the must be the same right? :fidget: Instead of looking and the wires they got and the ones they have and saying, ok, this does not fit lets put them back in the box and send them back.... NOOOO they grab the wires pull them apart trying to make them fit, then they put tie-wraps on them to put them back together and send them back saying the wires suck and they want all their money back, including shipping both ways!!!
I could go on forever....
Not even a week ago I got this phone call.

Me: Parts, this is Chris.....

woman customer: Um yes, I have an oh'four Escape, and I was wondering....if I gave you the VIN #, could you tell me if it has cruise control on it?

Me: Sure. Does it have switches on the steering wheel?

customer: What? Swit.....what do you mean?

Me: Does it have switches on the steering wheel? Like on/off, accel, coast, you know? Switches?

customer: I don't understand what you're saying.

Me: Does it have switches on each side of the steering wheel?

customer: I couldn't really say.

So I get her VIN and run it, and I get back on the phone.

Me: Well, according to the information from Ford, yes, your vehicle should have cruise control on it.

customer: Oh, is that what the on/off button is for?

I won't say what I was thinking, but I said: Yes

customer: Oh, I didn't want to turn it on 'cuz I was afraid that something might happen.

These people are out there, walking amongst us, driving next to us, and reproducing. I could go on, but then I probably wouldn't want to go to work tomorrow, LOL.

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