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The ongoing e-mail issue


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OK, my e-mail inbox is still getting flooded with bounced e-mails, so I've made some changes to a total of 28 member accounts, and I've sent the following Private Message to each -

The e-mail account attached to your account is bouncing e-mails. As a result of the returned e-mails we have been receiving, I posted this to the open forum -

We require a valid e-mail account be attached to your forum registration, so that you will be able to receive e-mail notification of changes made to the forum, of threads you are subscribed to, of new Private Messages you have received, etc.

Since we have been getting bounced e-mails from your account and you have not responded to the above request, you really have no forum privileges available.

Until we get the problems resolved, you are temporarily unable to

  • see thread content
  • use the search function
  • post to the forums
  • see the calendar
  • see member profiles or modify your own
  • use the signature option
  • use the forum's album feature
  • use visitor messages
  • access the photo gallery
Here are the steps you will need to take, to correct the problem with your e-mail account -

  • verify the e-mail account you registered with is still valid
  • be sure our domain ( is white-listed on your e-mail account
  • be sure your e-mail account is not full and bouncing messages, as a result
These are all steps you will need to take within your own e-mail accounts. Different ISP's and e-mail providers are going to have different requirements and no, I don't have the exact fix you need for your particular situation. If you are unfamiliar with how to handle these steps on your own, you will need to contact your particular Internet Service Provider and ask them for assistance.

Once you have established that you have a working e-mail account attached to your forum registration, send me a Private Message so we can verify everything is working correctly and restore your account privileges.

Apologies for having to take such a radical step, but we do require you to maintain a valid e-mail account with us. And every time someone sends you a Private Message or we send you news about the forum, the e-mail notifications bounce back to me. I deal with 14 different e-mail accounts, which results in an excess of 75 messages on a slow day and getting bounces from your account just adds to that number.

Again, once you have corrected the issues on your end, send me a Private Message and I'll get your account privileges restored for you.
I really didn't want to have to take the hard-line approach to this issue, but I'm more than a little tired of getting all the bounced e-mails each and every day.

I've done some additional housecleaning this morning. I found a total of 59 members that had yet to verify their e-mail addresses, to complete their forum registration. Of that number, 40 individuals had registered 60+ days ago and had not been active since. Those 40 accounts have been deleted from the database.

If you see a notice at the top of each forum page, advising you of how to confirm your e-mail address, please take those simple steps. It won't take but just a moment and you will then have full forum privileges. If you do not confirm your e-mail within 60 days of registration, your account will be deleted.

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