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The Support Forum


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Yet another forum enhancement has been added, thanks to XenForo's core functionality.

The Support forum no longer appears on the forum stack (or as XenForo calls it, the node tree).


You will now see a new tab on the NavBar - Support. Hover your mouse over that tab and a down arrow will appear. Hover over the down arrow and the above dropdown menu will appear. And as you can see, the Support forum is accessible from that menu.

It's the same Support forum, but it is now a new and enhanced version. Forum staff members can look at that forum and tell at a glance if there are any problems or questions that need to be addressed. And here's how it works.


If you have a problem, when you click to post a new thread, you will see the thread title area looks a bit different. The software is reporting you have not entered a prefix for the new thread. Hover your mouse over the down arrow at (No prefix), and...


You will see a Prefix menu appear. If you have a question about a forum feature or function, you will want to select the Question prefix. If you have a genuine problem, meaning something is not working for you, then you will want to select the Problem prefix.


Enter your question, or specific details about your problem. I would then suggest you tick those two checkboxes, so you will be notified when action has been taken on the thread.


When a forum staff member hits the Support forum, he can tell at a glance what needs to be addressed and what its level of priority is going to be. If I see a red Problem prefix and a yellow Question prefix, I know where to direct my immediate attention.


In this example, The user Test asked a question. (Test is pretty thick, so he asks a lot of questions. :whistling:) As you can see in this forum view, I answered his question. With the question being answered, I want to change that prefix, so others staff members can see it has already been handled. I click the Edit link only staff members can see and I hover over that red Question prefix, to get the dropdown menu. I select the Resolved prefix and save my thread edit.


And, as you can see, Test's thread now has a green prefix. If one of the mods views the forum, they can focus on new threads with red and yellow prefixes, before they worry about reading a thread that has already been resolved.

This will help us help you, when you have questions and problems. Please be sure you use the appropriate prefix, when you submit new threads in the Support forum.

We're all about making things easier for everyone and this is just one more step down that path. :thumbsup:

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