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The T-Bucket Forums jacket is in the house


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OK, the first jacket has arrived. And it's mine, all mine! If you want your own, you're going to have to get in line and wait your turn, because this one is a keeper.

Well, that, and it also has my name embroidered on it. ;)

So far, the only issue I can see with this style jacket is you fellows in Florida and Tejas are not going to want a jacket this heavy. This is winter weather wear, it is lined so heavily.


Here is a detail photo of the cuff and the jacket lining.

Yeah, I know, I know, you want to see the stitching.


Well, there is some of the stitching, along with more of the lining. Not enough, is it.


The front of the jacket and you'll have to excuse my feet and legs in the shot. The jacket is so sleek, I couldn't keep it laying over the back of a chair, so I laid it on the floor to take the shots.

Hold yer horses, I'm getting to it, I'm getting to it...


The top stitching is about 9.5 inches across, to give you some perspective. The car measures about 4 inches.

We've put our heads together and contact has already been made to see about a jacket that is not lined so heavily. This jacket is a lot more than a windbreaker, and there will be some of you looking for something lighter. I'll be looking smart this winter, I can promise you that much. :rofl:

It is my understanding that we also have some hat samples on the way in the next couple of days and we'll get some pictures of them posted, when they arrive.

We'll also try to see where we're going to end up on pricing and get those details posted.
This member from Tejas LIKES the heavy one:D

it gets "Well Digger" cold up in this part of Tejas:eek::rofl::lol:

That looks pretty good! A windbreaker would be cool and so would a hat. I'll wait for those. Thanks for keeping up on the bucket wear.
Yes Vance is right it gets cold here on the North Plains ,,Nice looking jacket
Thomas, we're working on pricing and will post it, as soon as we get it all sorted.

The rest of the samples have arrived and it looks as if this is the hat we will be going with -


We had a read and gray cap done up, as well, but you lose the 'chrome' look of the font by using a gray cap. The black cap looks much better.
Are these flex fit hats or what kind of fastener do they have in the back ?
putz said:
Are these flex fit hats or what kind of fastener do they have in the back ?
The hat is a flex fit hat. They are going to sell for $15.

The quilt-lined jacket will sell for $80.

The lighter-lined jacket will sell for $75.

We'll be putting an order page together in the next day or two.

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