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The T-Odd official introduction


There are other sites out there that will getcha for not posting an intro FIRST... ahem HAMB, volksrods, etc. And I noticed that since Nov 2006 I've only posted a half dozen times or less.

This is going to change. Let's talk T Buckets.

... but first a little about me just to get it out of the way.

Born in 69 (now I'm singing the Rocket from the Crypt song of the same name), been a buckethead since I was 12 and saw one in an old copy of Hot Rod (August 1968 issue).

Tried to build one but couldn't get any help so I bought "Kletus" from Jeff Russell and been putting the miles on ever since.

Don't think I'll ever NOT be a buckethead.

I also own several motorcycles and I have an old VW I'm planning to cut up into a hotrod of some sort.

Official T-Odd Welcome

GLAD ta have ya aboard!:lol: I've seen your T Bucket before and have liked the direction you took it. Thanks for joining us and I look forward to seeing more pics of your bucket.
Welcome to the coolest site on the net. I've been following your posts on the NTBA site, so I know you'll love it here.
Don't know why I came over here and registered back in 2006 and never posted anything, then got a reminder email about some updates and thought "OH CRAP I forgot about that."

I'm on about a dozen sites quite regularly, The NTBA, Volksrods,,, a few tech-related boards, and a fraternity - related (/-2B1-C1-/) board or two.

I lurk a few more that I never ever post on (HAMB, KillBillet, ratrodsrule, etc)

Just got back over here and noticed I have a bunch of great friends that are over here now... when did all YALL show up?

Evidently while I was out RIGHT?


oh yeah and I have LOTS of websites of my photography although I'm no PHOTOMAN I do take a bunch of pictures... about 90% are cars, a few of friends and family mixed in there also, and if you are REALLY unlucky you'll find a pic of me in there somewhere.
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Welcome T-odd, sweet bucket. :cool:
VegasBruce said:
Welcome T-odd, sweet bucket. :cool:

What T-odd didn't tell you is his car is famous... yep... famous... Cherry Bomb featured his and 4 or 5 other cars in a calendar that was distributed in Hot Rod magazine if I remember correctly... I took great pride in that shot cause he's using my old (virtually brand new) rear tires on his car... So I carried the picture and told everyone I knew... yep... them is my old tires! :lol:
LumenAl "So I carried the picture and told everyone I knew... yep... them is my old tires!"

True story. Those tires are FAMOUS. Al, I completely forgot to do this... Sometimes I amaze myself with my stupidity.

I have a copy of that calendar to send you. Cherry Bomb sent us (far about a buck a piece) a bunch of Calendars. I bought about twenty of 'em to give away to a few friends and just COMPLETELY forgot to do it. I know exactly where they are also (which is actually quite an amazing thing). I put the entire stack of them in the shelf next to the TV.

I never watch TV so I just never noticed them - and thusly was never reminded to send you (or Donald Duck, or Toolman, or anybody else).

Shoot me off another email with your address and you will soon be in possession of one of those (almost completely useless at this point in time as it's halfway through the year already) Cherry Bomb Calendars that features your former tires in the back row, top right corner.

Welcome to the site T-odd. I too have read your posts on ntba. I know you will be an asset here.You're gonna love it here too.

Okay, the man is NOT affraid to take pics! I freakin' love it! I'm still looking through them.:lol:
LOL, Fred I've got the BIG@$$ versions of all of those pics also. I have to resize them down to 1024x768 to upload them to Flickr. And the reason there are so many pages is that flickr lets you upload 200 pics and that's the limit for the free page.

So I create a new page and add a number to the end.

One of these days I'll get a little better organized and set up a real website with all my pics in chronological or some other type of order. I want to buy that new Nikon Digital camera or maybe a Digital Rebel. The new Nikon should be less expensive and from what I hear they are unbeatable for the price.

I want to try doing some videos also. My Fuji will take moving pics with sound and I have 4GB of storage on it... so youtube will soon be full of 0-60 blasts in Kletus, maybe a burnout or something from another Black Widows Bluesville members or something like that.

I need to upload the latest pictures also, another 200 pics available soon.

Gotcha Al, should be able to get by the P.O. Saturday morning and get one on it's way to ya.

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