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The Ultimate Jam Session


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This was probably posted before but here goes again.
Dueling Pianos
Don't know the when and where of this but it's so worth watching.

Here's something you don't see every day. Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis and
Fats Domino - three of the greatest ivory ticklers of their day - playing
pianos on the same stage at the same time. Brace yourself and make sure
your sound is on because this show will rock you out of your seat.

This is a once in a lifetime appearance and one you will not forget! Ron
Woods of the Rolling Stones, Carl Perkins (Blue Suede Shoes) and others
playing back-up, a cameo appearance by Rod Stewart and all directed by Paul

Well you guys are right. It was the ultimate jam session and you can stii be there. It is available on DVD and it is great. Over 50 minutes long. Jerry Lee, Charles, Fats Domino and Ron Woods of the Rolling Stones get together in New Orleans. It was hosted by Paul Shaffer. Includes bonus footage. Great addition to anyones collection.

[ame=[url]][/url]: Fats and Friends: Various Artists: Movies & TV[/ame]

Enjoy it,

Great jam session, Paul can put some great artist together.remember the group he had put together for the Blues Brothers movie? Now that was a great band,thanks for the lift!!!Sticks

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