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The XNTRCI-T is back on the road...


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ec-cen-tric-i-ty [ek-sen-tris-i-tee] n. - an oddity or peculiarity, as of conduct: "an interesting man, known for his eccentricities."

My XNTRCI-T was driven today for the first time in eight months! I'll do another post on what was done to it over the winter later.

This is straight out of the garage with three months of dust on the paint job. Too excited about driving it again to take the time to wash it! :)





Really worth the wait NICE:thumb:
Thanks guys. I appreciate the compliments. Yes, I will be at MH next week.

But still have some bugs to work out. Oil pressure and fuel level gauges aren't working, but all the other gauges are!?!?! I checked oil pressure with a mechanical gauge I had laying around and I've got plenty of pressure (wouldn't have driven it without checking that first :naughty:). Got a persistent small fuel leak in the hose going into the filter. Probably gonna hafta re-build that fitting. Transmission temp was higher than I expected. Need to check if the fan on the cooler is kicking on (uses a temp sensor). Turn signal self-cancellation isn't working for some reason. Turn signal stalk feels a little loose, so maybe the screw has backed off. Gonna hafta pull the steering wheel off to get to that sucker!

I guess I should consider myself lucky that these are my biggest issues, considering the car was completely blown apart, including the motor down to the short block, over the winter. I guess after asssembling this car four times in four years, I've managed to retain some knowledge about how it goes together!! :)
DAMN!!! That is a sweet lookin' T Lee.

Please see shock thread for mucho kudos. I am going to alternate between a shot of your car (don't know which picture yet) and ex-junk's 27 for my wallpaper on the computer.
What engine/trans work did you do? Change cams, etc. or was it a freshing up, squaring away of things?
Anyway, I know you'll drive the snot out of it and show it proudly.

Enjoy, John

P.S. You can give anyone a run for their money, park where you want.
Lee, let me say that your T-bucket is the nicest one I have ever seen. It is exactly how I would want mine to be if I built another one. I love the paint job, esp. the flames. I just wanted you to know how well of a job you have done. Perfect!
one finger john said:
What engine/trans work did you do?
I pulled the motor apart for a couple of reasons. It only has about 1,000 miles on it. Short block was built by a reputable race motor shop and is in great shape, but I was getting a lot of blow-by and wanted to check the ring seat. I also wanted to check for any signs of detonation just to give myself some comfort. There is still quite a bit of cross-hatch visible, so I guess the rings aren't quite seated. Plus, having a blower supposedly will cause more blow-by. Just going to have to change the oil pretty frequently. No signs of detonation at all; everything still looks almost brand new. There were signs that I'm running pretty rich, which I knew.

While I had the heads off I drilled a 7/16" hole through the decks into the water jacket to match the holes in the heads for better coolant circulation between the center two cylinders, as recommended by my head manufacturer (Dart). I also installed Comp full roller rockers... probably overkill for my style of driving, but they're just so damned cool! :rolleyes:

Transmission (TH350) had to be rebuilt because the rear sprag was chewing itself up. This is a TCI Streetfighter supposedly good for 500 hp. Only had 1,000 miles on it, like the motor. My tranny guy said the sprag race hadn't been hardened properly. He sent it to TCI, but they wouldn't replace it. The tranny guy said he has heard that TCI got a bad batch of these, but they aren't admitting it or replacing them. He put in a full race sprag and upgraded some other parts. He also flushed the converter and put in a new pump, as the sprag had tossed off some fine bits that got circulated. He also recommended I flush the cooler, but since I changed coolers this winter, that was a non-issue.

Here is a link to a post I made about the other stuff I did this winter...

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