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think you're lucky?


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This guy is LUCKY.............
[ame=[media=youtube]XRCbkBfdBrQ[/media] - THE BEST AIR RACE PILOT EVER!!![/ame]
He's VERY luck or dang good.
But I've always said "I'd rather be lucky than good!":pray:
WOW, was he lucky or was it skill? I'd say he was lucky that the plane didn't flip over when it bounce during his landing but it took a hell of a lot of skill to get it down on the ground.
I've got a good friend that's a pilot and he always says "any landing you can walk away from is a good landing".
YES it IS Fake ! one real plane and one model,,look close and the real plane has Red Bull Stickers and the one with one wing has not,,Their have been a few successful model plane landings with one wing [ame=[media=youtube]ZaXMrFh3n7M[/media] - bill hempel flies with one wing![/ame]

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