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This is way off topic, but pretty amazing.


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I found this a while back. This guy, Bob Munden at first seems pretty full of himself, but then you find out he has a good reason to be. :cool:

[ame="[media=youtube]RcPfNl-nPWA[/media]"]YouTube - Fastest gunman ever. Unbelievable Bob Munden[/ame]

This guy is good. My ex used to think I was too quick on the trigger but I never got more than one shot off at a time.
I would love to shoot that Gatling Gun
[ame="[media=youtube]SdXw-xRKdmU[/media]"]YouTube - 7-2-05 Machine gun Shoot[/ame]
der Spieler said:
This guy is good. My ex used to think I was too quick on the trigger but I never got more than one shot off at a time.



I don't think I would have shared that.
The okla full auto shoot is about 60 miles from home every june. If you have never been you are missing out. Their are mostly vendors there that rent their guns out like 20 bucks for 100 rounds on a 30cal or 20 bucks for 5 shots with a 50 cal sniper rifle. AK 47s all WW2 autos mini guns all for rent. Very fun but some people get sick from the gun powder smell and the concushion of all the guns firing and the june heat make a lot of people sick after a while. Its up by Grand lake at Grove Wyondotte area out in the middle of no where. Check it out here
Hulu - Attack of the Show: Full Auto Shoot
der Spieler said:
We're talking about guns here Todd

Oh, I thought we were talking about a single shot pea shooter. :laff::sorry:
Todd i think what Steve is tring to say is he isnt as good as he once was. But he is as good once as he ever was.
that guys on american shooter all the time.. and he is very accurate too... he splits playing cars and shoots with mirrors and all kinds of stuff.. hes interesting to watch..
He is quite a character. I bet he's spent most of his life practicing. I can't even imagine how many times he's pulled a trigger. Over a million I bet.

I myself have only shot guns a couple of times. I've been around lots of them most of my life. My father, uncles and brother where big gun enthusiasts. My father used to say, "If owning one gun is good, then owing 300 is better!" I've had my hands on lots being a machinist. Seems someone always needs something made or fixed.

I've always had a keen appreciation for firearms. I love their simplicity and gorgeous craftsmanship as little well engineered machines, but in spite of my background, I've actually never owned a gun myself. People have tried to give me guns, but I always graciously decline. I can't even imaging a reason to. I must be weird. ;)

I know where to get them though....


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