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This is why I live in Colorado


New Member
This pic was taken at about 1:00pm this afternoon. I'm at about 12,500 feet, tree line is between 11,000 and 11,500 feet. I'm on my Telemark cross country skinny ski's, leather boots, free heal.

And the best part...... I'm wearing the official TBucketeers ball cap!

All that white stuff is why I don't live in Colorado :lol:
I second that Bruce!

THAT is why I moved to Da Swamps.....

It's nice in the hills,BUT, It sucks on the driveway...:lol:
Colorado rocks. 6" of snow in the morning , 68 degrees in the afternoon. The weather is like Sybil here. I shoveld my driveway last week becasue I knew he next day would be awsome and I would need to get my T out. She doesnt like to go up the driveway when theres snow....damn slicks on the back.

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