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This Should Bother You!

ill leave the politics out of this one.... with the way California's "Green" laws are about emissions, it doesnt surprise me... someone had to have snitched, those are nice cars
Green laws are stupid. That giant nuclear explosion in the sky doesn't have anything to do with Earth's temperature. :) If I could afford to do so, I wish I could buy two mini-vans, take the drivetrain out of one and have in built into the back, just so I could burn 12 cylinders instead of 6. Plus it would look funny to roast all 4 tires in a Mom-mobile. :cool:
Those were not kit cars or custom cars but an attempt to circumvent the law. Agree or not laws are for our protection. Some I agree with and others I don't but that my opinion and I am entitled to it. Try importing cars into Canada. We need to check and see which cars meet Canadian standards. Friends were looking at a motorhome last year in Florida and it was almost a done deal when they checked. That particular year and model was not allowed, the frame rails were to light for our standards???? Don't understand it but there must have been a problem somewhere.
Don't misunderstand me. Whoever imported them knew the risks and got caught. Better luck next time. Just my 2 cents worth
I have to agree with terrymac. Sounds like they were trying to circumvent the laws and got caught. I definently do not like what I see alot happening now with yomma and Congress and others but I see nothing wrong with what the feds did here. I also don't really have all the facts either, so my opinion might change later.

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