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thought for the day.....


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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons.....:eek:
I try to never get in the way of the wife. :D
So by saying Dragon is that a code word for the wife. She got PO the other day when i called he the WARDEN. Dragon does kinda roll of the tonge, I will try it.
Well that was a mistake!!!!!!!!!! THANKS Track
old round fart said:
"The DOMESTIC GODDESS" works for me.

WIMP! No guts no glory. Take your balls back. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The preceding announcement was in no way meant to be advice or taken seriously. The poster claims no responsibility for injuries incurred or nights spent in the dog house.
old fart ( I left the round out seems disrespectful) i tried the domestic goddess approach and she ask what i wanted ,its been so long since she ask me that, i got confused and gave my self away . I said it would help if i was smarter than her, she said you dont want a wife less intellegent than you are, what do you think she ment by that ????? Damit i hate puzzles!!!!!!!!

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