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I was out at Pete & Jakes this morning and Jerry Slover (P & J owner) told me that Boyd Coddington passed away this morning. He had apparently been sick for awhile.

Just as I was typing this, the phone rang and it was Don Cain of K.C. Street Rods to tell me about Boyd and he said that Lil' John Buttera had also died this morning. This is just really a tough day for street rodding...two legends in one day.
Boyd Coddingtons show American hot rod had not been on tv for some time .It was a good show. Boyd will be missed greatly. My condolences to his family. Francis
Wow, I heard about Boyd, but not Lil John. Very sad to hear about both passings.

Life is so very short and so very precious. RIP Gentlemen.

Wow..What a loss for our hobby.

My thoughts and prayers to the families of these two icons.

Wow, bummer RIP guys.
CRAP! Lil John practically invented the billet process as it applies to cars! His vision and daring in both design and fabrication were legend and while I didn't really like a lot of Boyds builds, he too was a visionary. They will be missed BIG TIME.:sad:

Two legends among the many we have lost in just the last 12 months. Whatever the big man upstairs is building, it's gonna be WAY cool. My prayers to their respective friends and families.:laff:
GAB, where did you get this info!? There is NO link on ANY of the news sites. I called someone and he said he had HEARD the same thing, but couldn't confirm it.

After reading your question, I began to do a little digging. I found a link to a newspaper article about Boyd that said that he had indeed passed away.
I don't remember on which website it was on.

As far as the information on Lil John, Don Cain is very well connected in the street rodding community and I had no reason to question his information. But after doing some Googling, I came across the H.A.M.B. post that started quite a while back about his cancer battle and the post today from I assume his daughter (Leigh, think his sons name is Chris) that he is surviving at this point.

My apologies to all for not checking further about this information before posting.
It's okay. I called a friend about John and he said he had HEARD something. Then, I posted on the HAMB. Then, I checked. I wish I would have checked first. I may have misunderstood my friend.

No harm. It happens.

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