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I'm Stevan from D/FW, I'm ThunderRocket on the HAMB, and a member of Them! car club.
I am collecting parts for a 26/27 T Roadster.
It will be a light, traditional build, because my Thunderbird is so thirsty.
I am powering it with a aluminum 215 Buick and a T5.
I plan to make it economical, handle/drive well, and reliable to travel wherever I want.
May I be the first to Welcome you aboard Stevan. I am sure you will enjoy this site.

Welcome Stevan :lol:
Howdy from Amarillo :cool:

Hello from Minnesota. Welcome to the site.

Glad to see ya, Steve! Lot's of cool people here and tons of T Bucket chatter.:D
Lookin forward to seeing some pics man!
I'm planin on runnin a 3.8 chevy in mine if i can find a distributor that has a vacum advance? I believe that a lote of people will joining in on the T bucket fad!
Welcome, I'm in Flower Mound, just north of DFW Airport.

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