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timing cover

Looks like an OEM chevy cover. I've never seen one in chrome with the timing tab, but that may be because after market tabs don't have to be in that location. I removed it from my cover and my after market tab is mounted to the two lower bolts on the lower right side. It reads fine.
My timing mark at tdc is pointing straight up. This a motor from the late eighties timing on is just off from straight up. This timing was actually read down behind water pump. I worked at a dealership when these motors where being used. If I move the timing tab I will have to remark the balancer Which if nothing else that will be a last resort.
I would use a chrome cover and a bolt on tab and remark the balancer. What ever you do don't try to set the timing on that with a light. I have seen several case where a guy would set the timing with a light and line up the balancer mark in that tube. Wrong, that sets the timing 9.5 degrees retarded and it won't run worth a flip. You have to use a magnetic plobe to set the timing with that setup and dial in the retard. ;)
RPM said:
I would use a chrome cover and a bolt on tab and remark the balancer.

I agree with this, you can get a timing tape that sticks to the balancer.

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