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Tire Pressure Question


I have MT 29X15.00R15LT on the back. When I got the tires mounted, of course they filled to 32 pounds. I knew that was way to much for big tires, i dropped to 20 Pounds. That still is to high I think and just now lowered to 16 PSI. Haven't tryed it yet, started wondering what everyone else is running. I use to have a Jeep CJ-5 with big old mudders and I ended up with 10 PSI in them.
I have some 20 inch wide dirt track tires on the back of mine. I started with 10 psi but it was wearing the inside edge too much. I bumped it up to 15 and it seems to do better. These roads have a lot of crown in them and it gets after the inside edge.
I'll be interested to see what everyone suggests, because I have been thinking of adjusting my air pressure. I'm running bias ply tires and have them at about 28 pounds. I notice the Firestone slicks are showing a pattern only on the middle of the tire, so I suspect I need to drop at least the rear down.

I was running 12 psi in the fronts and 10 psi in the rears of my Coker "gangster whitewalls" until I had them re-balanced and our local tire guy scolded me for running them too low. I running them at 25 psi all around and what a difference in handling. The ride is not that much harsher.

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