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Titling a car in Nevada


I spent several hours at the reno dmv today getting my car inspected, a vin assigned, and titling the car. Rules have changed for 2009. If there is anyone in nevada (mainly the counties that require emission testing)planning on building a T bucket, you better get with the dmv asap. you can also email me ( or call me (775-846-3111) for some info.
Custom car building will be A LOT different in reno & las vegas areas now.
I still have mine titled in Kali.
If it's already titled, you should be OK. The new laws apply to emissions on new assembled vehcles that need a new assigned VIN.
Next time I am in Vegas, we will have to get together. Unfortunately I have a feeling I won't be there until november.
Nope they wanted to change the vin and make it a special construction, with inspection and smog for a new car. Its titled as a 1920 now. No problem though, next year its moving to Texas. :lol:
Thats probably thier way of eliminating the use of bought titles also. Here in northern nevada, it has been real popular for people to go to oregon and title their cars, then bring them back, and transfer the title. Wonder if that will be stopped too. The guy at my local dmv inspection station was pretty firm on that unless it was an original body, chassis, suspension, and engine type, he was going to make it an assembled vehicle that had to pass emissions for the year the vin was assigned. I think I am going to look into how to get an address in a non emissions testing county... or it's time to sell 1/2 dozen unfinished projects and move onto different ones.
Hey Larry, how about SEMA legislation? Title the car as the year it most closely resembles?

Craig from Chrom is always posting updates on the NTBA website but I haven't noticed NV popping up.... isn't that where SEMA holds the "BIG ONE" every year?


Tennessee passed the law, governor signed it and all that but heck if they understand at hte DMV what to do when you ask about it. I had to print out the law and show it to them... they still couldn't help me.
Sema does pretty good about fighting for fair and reasonable laws. Their existance is owed to the aftermarket industry. And yeah the "big one" is in vegas. And I will be there again this year :D Those things craig posts, any one can get. Sema mails out emails quite often with that same info inthem. As well as a lot of other stuff too.
In nevada it used to be the car was titled as the year it was built, but the emissions were from the year of the engine. pre 68 cars are exempt, so use a pre 68 engine. It was no coincidence that my car has an early 283 in it. And there is another running 283 in my shop, as well as a running 396 and ford 289. You gotta learn the rules and play by them. They new laws did away with that early engine exemption. And made for a replica exemption. The quick version of it is that a replica of a car made before 1968, made with a body made after 1968, can get a smog exemption. The catch is, there is only 100 available. 100 total, forever. And the exemption is tied to the registration, not the title. So, I have number 79. If my registration lapses, I would loose my exemption, and have to have it meet 2009 emissions. And also, when I sell it, the new owner is SOL. And nevada is not keeping a waiting list. So one would have to just luck into finding an open exemption spot to get one. Really messed up law.

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