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Top goin on ,transilvaina T

Red River Jack

New Member
Got the metal and doin it i need a brake it would been
a lot easier ,who needs a stinkin brake.Also thought i,d
add a horn .
That dose it! I'm gonna find an old s*it spreader and turn it into a hot rod! LOL Jack, you are just having too much fun with this project, I'm jealous!

Yep it,s a batman wheel i combined two of
my favorite shows when i was a kid ,Munsters
and Batman .Hey Youngster it is a lot of fun
as soon as my buddies get in the back yard
they start smilin and tellin me how wild it is
and they always knew i was a bubble or two
off center:bow:Oh yeah i love Halloween
Can you believe this. I got an e-mail about a '47 Moline snit speader last night. OMG! Now if I can remember who had that BB Olds...............LOL

I got a 455 Olds with a TH400, that should sling some snit. :D
Out of the blue today, I got this picture sent to me in an email with some other cars... I just had to post it here...


Nicely done as well!
Do ya think we could call that a 'Late' speedster?


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