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Total Performance 23 T Touch up paint


New Member
Hey fellow bucketeers,

Got my first T, a used Total Performance 23 T. Just found out the company has been sold and the new owners, Speedway Performance do not have any info with regards to paint.

My car has a few minor chips/scratches that I would like to repair. Does anyone have info on touch up paint or paint codes?

Looking forward to your collective knowledge!

Welcome TEE23, Please go into your page and edit with where you are from. Also there is an unseen rule that you have to post pic's when asking a question. Good luck with your paint. I would just drive it to the paint place, Like Scherman Williams and have them match it up. Or strip it down and do a full paint job in Blue my favorite color. now if it's already blue, which I would know if you post some pics,,,,, Welcome from the Sunshinee State. LOL ;)
Thanks guys,

bucketkids, I got that profile sorted out . I used to promote the Bluegrass festival in Kissimmee for years. Left in '04 after the storms.

RPM, I'll will try King T this morning.
We have aa plant over in Newberry. If I'm in the neighborhood I'll holor at ya. Let me know if you come to visit in Kissimmee. Good luck with the paint, can't wait to see the pics :cool:

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