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der Spieler

Just some rambling thoughts here and maybe a plea for your opinions. I have been presented the opportunity to buy a 1976 motorhome. A woman I used to work with bought this for a cousin and then he decided he couldn't use it so she's stuck with it. It's on a 1976 Ford F-350 chassis powered by a 351 and is supposed to be in excellent condition, just requiring a little cleaning on the inside. It only has 56,000 miles on it. She is asking what she paid for it, $1,000. For the price it's tempting but I can't justify buying it. I am not a 'camper person' and the only purpose I would have for it is as a tow vehicle if I had my race car built. But that project isn't even started yet. Another thought is to buy it to sell it at a profit. I searched EBay today and after seeing what was available there I think I could ask $3,000 OBO and get $2,000 for it. Another friend and I were going to go look at it today when we went out to check our beehives but I decided against going to avoid being tempted even further. If anyone is interested in something like this let me know and I will go look at it for you.
most people dont want a gasoline engine in an r.v. they usually look for the diesel drivetrains...

my dad just sold his r.v. and he was a diehard r.v. enthusiast... he traveled alot in that thing, when he and my stepmother left out, they were gone for months, all over the u.s., canada, mexico.

He says he can fly and get a motel room, and rental just as cheap now.
That's kind of what I'm thinking. I was looking for a deal like this 15 or so years ago but not today. But if I thought I could sell it for a modest profit I would go for it. I am going to go down and look at it in a few hours. A friend and I are considering buying it together and see if we can turn it. If I can find my camera I'm going to take pictures.
if you guys have smaller type lakes or weekend camping places localy you'll move it quick..
we have alot of river camps, and local weekend outing places here where people will buy r.v.s and just park them..
Also the construction is so poor on the older mobil homes there could be a lot that you couldnt see untill you had a trip or two under your belt. 56k on that old technology is high milage in the big picture. my brother has a wini with a 440 mopar its a chief and he only has 21k on his. It was a one owner when he bought it 7 years ago. Its a 73 or 6 i think. He has almost gutted the interior over time and as nice as it is its still a 70s ride. And by the way 6-8 MPG JMO
I'd say go buy it. The engine and tranny are worth that. I'd say you could sell it on Craigs list or ebay and make a profit.

Had a 73 Winnabago that we towed with a long time ago. Had the 440 Mopar in it. It did great, but they can be a money pit. New tires, new fridg, new this new that. It was great with the kids and the late nights at the drag strip. The ladies really liked not having to use the porta pot at the tracks.
I have a '95 Winnebago in 2001 and found out I need to work 6 days a week to pay for it. It has 67k miles on a turbo diesel with a 6 speed trans.
I have had it out 3 times, once for 3 weeks to visit my grandson in Oklahoma. I had a GREAT time and am looking foreward to retirement and PAYOFF so I can enjoy it. I got 12 miles to a gallon pulling my Rav-4. I guess motorhomes are not for everybody and I extended my working career to pay for it, but I owe more than I can get for it, so I;ll continue to pay the "stupid tax" until I can enjoy it.
You can't go wrong for a grand and you don't have to camp in it either. They are great for sporting events, car show, and dragging your car around. Buy it, play with it for awhile and then sell it for a profit. Personally I have owned several older ones, as well a new Prevost 40ft. pusher. When you sell it, you will sure miss having your potty with you too, ha.
I went down and looked at it. It's worth $1,000 but I wouldn't pay any more. Like Bruce said, it would be a good camper for people who like to go out to the local county parks and campgrounds. The body is very good. There was some surface rust inside the driver's door and some on the bracing in the engine compartment. The interior appeared to be in excellent condition, considering the motorhome is 33 years old. A little soap and water and you would be proud to drive it and use it. Ron had a good idea about taking the engine and tranny out of it. It's a 351 Cleveland with probably a C-6 so that is worth a thousand dollars by itself but it would be a shame to cannibalize a vehicle in such good condition. The refrigerator had been replaced with a new electtic unit recently. The plumbing was still there for the 3-way unit but those are pretty pricey, almost the cost of the vehicle. There was no provision to hide a generator anywhere which is another drawback. It did have a compartment on the passenger side for the propane bottle for the stove but that was the only external compartment. All in all it is worth the grand the woman is asking. I don't think I could sell it for more money. If she still has it in August I may go take another look. Maybe by then I will have figured out if I want to go racing again. Then it would make a good tow vehicle and worth a second look.

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