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Tuesday music...


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it's about 2:30 eastern.....At 7:30 eastern we'll see how many get this one
Need song and singer/s (hint: it's a state song)
Good luck.....:D

"A song of you comes as sweet and clear

as moon light through the pines.

Other arms reach out to me.

Other eyes smile tenderly.

Still in peaceful dreams I see

the road leads back to you."
Georgia on my mind.....State song...

Google is your friend. LOL

"Georgia on My Mind" was adopted as Georgia's official state song on April 24, 1979. Prior to the adoption of this song, "Georgia," words by poet Robert Loveman and music by Mrs. Lollie Belle Wylie, served as the state song.
Georgia - Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, and about a hundred others.
:think:RPM you gave your self away ,your answer looks like a google search result.:think:
5:30 eastern.......2 hours to go.....
Is that the time that you are supposed to get "sprung" Jim?
No springing tonight....They have to arrange Home nurse stuff.

I'll explain later on that fun....
I felt pretty good about this one. No google this time.

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