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Tulsa Tims progress

Wow!! Nice work Tim! Do you have a target date? What color are you thinking? Ya did good. The car has a nice balanced look to it.

That is the million dollar question. I want to have the frame powder coated . But i want to make sure the paint can be color matched to match to frame. I am old school my first car was a 70 nova RED so i am leaning red. Got any thoughts. and thanks for the encouragement.
Well, my two favorite colors are red and black. If that were mine, red. You've got a nice rod, with a nice rack. Darker colors tend to make cars look lower. Red or even a burgandy-wine shade would fit the build.

In my original concepts, she was going to have a black chassis and red as focal points to the "mechanical parts", IE, suspension components. The thought being that she would look lower at the body line, but still highlight the front end.
If you powder coat the frame anything besides black, have thr powder done first and have the paint mixed to match the powder.

Nice work. Did you make the seat bracket? Has any body put a plug in wiring harness for body removal? Like factory cars have.
Thanks guys for the kind words. Its been a blast to build. I am dismanteling this week end finish tig welding the brackets and powder coat next week. Still torn between two painters on the body. I want to drive in in the neighbor hood by thanksgiving interior by christmas. The seat frame is a CCR fab it comes with the bucket.

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