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Unlimited products body


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Hi everyone. I am considering buying the Unlimited Products body at Anyone have any experience with this body. I'm not sure about the quality.
I just checked the Unlimited site. Without seeing the body close up, it looks to be OK. One plus would be the dash, if that's the kind you want to run. Most bodies in that price range have flat dashes in them. The turtle deck for $165 is also a good buy. If you are looking at a pickup box, I would advise a 20'' type. Here you could save $50 by going to Speedway. I have not used one of these bodies, so I can't vouch for the quality. Maybe someone else can. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the reply. When I researched online about their other fiberglass prodcuts, like hoods, I have discovered that the quality is poor. No wonder why the price is so low. I will probably not buy from them unless I can see the body first.
I have one. I bought because it is a 1917-1922 body. They are different. I of course had to wood it up. AND had to rebuild the whole left side which had a whoopie in it. I'd go elsewhere.
I have used several bodies from MAS. I wouldn't go so far as to say they are the best on the market, but Ive built some nice cars with them. Besides they're only 45 minutes away from me.
If you're going to Unlimited check out the driver's side of their mold to see if they fixed the big indentation in it.

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