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Update on Track T...


I thought that you all might like to know that Track T is back in the hospital with some complications from his heart surgery. He says that he is doing much better and hopes to be back home soon.

As a little side note, he says that his hospital room is rather large. As a matter of fact, he has measured it off and decided that he could finish the build on his track T as the room is larger than the garage at his new residence.

To me, that is a good sign that he is well on the way to recovery. He says that he'll be back on line soon to "check up" on you all.

Thanks for the update. I'm sure he'll get through this okay, but I'll toss him in my prayers and thoughts anyway.
I miss his music quiz so he needs to get back in the saddle ASAP. We will include him in our prayers for sure.
Probably just checking in on some nurses :thumbsup:

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