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Video of the run from porter


We went to the porter peach Festival today and had a great time. I posted 5 videos on utube and here is the link sorry for the sorry Blackberry sound, Click on the videos 23 and 24 too, Scroll down to the other videos.
YouTube - suesguy's Channel
The videos bring back lots of memories when I lived in south Tulsa, around 85th and Harvard, in Walnut Creek, just past Charlie Mitchel's Irish Pub. I hear his ex owns them now, cause she caught him performing extra-curricualer activities with one of his waitresses.

The Porter Peach Festival and the Jenks watermelon festival were a kick. Jenks is famous for its 700+lb watermelons and pumpkins. Use to go to the Darryl Starbird show when he came to town.
Thanks Mike i didnt know how to do that THANKS. The festival was a great time Tulsa has these kinda events every weekend. Two weeks away is the Claremoore Baloon festival and car show Whoooooopeeeeeeeeee. Lets go. Sorry for the bad audio my BB is not the greatest for this type of thing. The black firebird is Susan AKA (The Warden ) following all of us back in the AC
Greg we need to get you started bro. Lets get some wheels under you !!!!!

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