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VIN Location

Ok, I have a dilema. I can't find a VIN number on the car. Here in Nebraska the DMV requires verification of the VIN and it has to be located on the car. I have the VIN on the title but that isn't sufficient according to DMV. I have a Total Performance rig. Does anybody know where to find the stamp or number.

Thanks for any help
You may or may not have a vin tag , if it was an owner completion car , probably not , if it was a number of years ago , in some states , probably not ....some guys used the engine I'd # , that was standard for a model T , T's did not have vin on the frame or body .... best bet is to find someone in the DMV who has a clue about hot rods OR hire a title service , may cost a couple more bucks but they no the loopholes...
The title states TP23750 as the VIN #. Problem I have is DMV in Nebraska requires it be on the car and it isn't.

Probably on the frame some where.
My TP Bucket was built in the early 90's there is a vin plate on the frame just above the right side rear axial.
I only had to supply a pencil tracing of the VIN number in order to transfer title. I then ordered a VIN tag of of e-bay, had it engraved and installed it on my frame.
I just go to an office supply or trophy store and have them stamp or engrave a small metal plate with the VIN from the title. Then screw / glue it to the frame in a conspicuous area such as on the rail in front of the steering box.
N.C. furnishes you a VIN tag and they install it. And IF Total built the car it has a VIN somewhere on it. If not and owner built, call the guy you bought it from and ask him these questions and if he bought it from someone else, get his name.

Or you will have to apply for VIN/Title your self. All states handle titles differntly, so do it so it can't be said you stole it. JMHO
I recently had a car inspected for a salvage title that we’ve owned forever, but was wrecked and I repaired it... the insurance thieves deemed it necessary to now be salvage. I had to provide receipts with the vin number of every part that was replaced... pita! I adapted.
my TP has a VIN plate with a number riveted to the chassis so is there a way to find out when it was built or even purchased by the vin if it was sequential? maybe there is a database of the kits?? insurance company wants to go by when it was built not by 1923 soooooo, obviously going to have to use a classic car insurance company.

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