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I thought I was gone. I got a few virus warnings from my Kaspersky anti-virus program the other day. Then a couple of windows popped up showing that I had 41 infections. I clicked on the button that was to give me instructions as to how to eliminate the threat and another window popped up for an upgrade. (All of the windows that were popping up looked just like Kaspersky's except that the name 'Kaspersky' wasn't on them, something I didn't notice until later.) I downloaded the upgrade for the file for 'Anti-Virus 2009' and I was told I needed to enter an authorization number which would cost me $49.95. Since I new there were viruses, worms, and trojans present I was afraid enter any credit card information and didn't go any further, which was a good thing. Yesterday my desktop got stupid and started enlarging my icons and then it changed to a blue screen that told me it was eliminating all of my files. Now I was in a panic, I had Kaspersky's tech number so I phoned them and asked if I needed to upgrade to 'Anti-Virus 2009'. I found out that 'Anti-Virus 2009' was the virus. The tech emailed me a program to delete the spyware and after a complete system scan was completed, which showed I really had over 250 infections, all was well. The lowlifes who are creating these viruses are getting pretty sophisticated. All of the windows that were popping up looked so real.

Last night I got another Kaspersky warning and I immediately did a quick scan with the new program they sent me. There were another 30 or so infections which I quickly dispatched. This was just a few hours after I had done the initial complete system scan. Evidently we are being bombarded constantly by infections of some sort or another. The file the tech emailed to me is a free version so it is lacking a couple of features including the ability to schedule scans. The upgrade is $29.95 and that includes lifetime upgrades. I'm going to spend the money. As I've been writing this a Kaspersky virus warning has popped up. I'll do another quick scan here shortly. I wonder how many infections I've been hit with since midnight.

I asked the tech if these viruses were coming from overseas and he felt they were domestic. I told him that sending out viruses, worms, etc. should be a capital offense and that I would be more than glad to pull the trigger.

It is surprising (or not) how much computers have become so ingrained into our lives. I could feel myself going into withdrawal knowing that my life would change so drastically without my computer. No more forum, no more online searches for parts and information, no more online ordering.

Psychologists say that the most stressful times in a person's life are times of a death in the family or a divorce, a job change, and a move to a new home or city. I would have to add the loss of a computer to that list. Make sure your anti-virus programs are up to date. When I phoned Kaspersky, it was a toll call, I was told that my wait would be up to 20 minutes. I cringed at the cost of being on hold for that long but I waited and my call was answered within about 5 minutes. Looking back on it I think I would have gladly waited for an hour or forever.

Happy motoring......Steve
We use Spybot to catch those trojans and spys before they enter. I had 2 warnings this morning where something tried to enter during the night. Spybot stopped them and I rejected the change. It is free and it works great.
I have Trend installed on my 'puter. Yesterday afternoon I havd pop ups about every 3 or 4 minutes from them telling me they have blocked a high risk viruses. That went on for a hour or so. I just did a scan this morning and everything is fine. What worries me is the fact I just know enough about this thing to get myself in trouble. I don't need any help there.

My wife was telling me of a virus she got on her work computer that sounds a lot like the one you described. She works at a fairly large company that suposedly employs all the latest and greatest anti virus software, it still got her and several others there too. I'm afraid there is more money to be had on the attack side of this scenario than the defense side. It's just a matter of time before they get around to you. About all you can do is keep your eyes open and hope for the best.
I think the safest form of anti-virus protection is the one between our ears.

Don't visit questionable Web sites and n-e-v-e-r open an e-mail attachment. People send me e-mails with attachments nearly a dozen times a day. I cheerfully bin them all.

I always joke that my Windoze box is so locked down that it's a miracle an e-mail can get in or out. But I stay on top of security upgrades and I run both Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy every morning and every night.

The pity about some of the virii floating around right now is the sheer ingenuity of the coding. Some of the code is masterful and has obviously been written by coders who know their stuff. And look how that knowledge is being used.
Sounds like you got caught by one of the spyware "removal" companies. That install the crap then tell you to buy their stuff to get rid of it.

"Spy sheriff" is one of the worst offenders, though there are a couple others that are pretty close. Some look very professional and often mimic Windows themes to make you believe they are actual windows programs.

At home I use AVG for a couple reasons. 1st. Its free. 2nd its a great product that will catch virus and spyware infections. Spybot is pretty good as well. But the best is not to click on the "ok" button. :lol:

Here are the free ones I use at home (I am an IT manager at work)

AVG free edition

Ad Aware

Once you install the software follow these steps to help get rid of all the junk.

Delete all the temp internet files, (right click i.e. icon go to properties, delete files button)
Delete all your temp files. These are C:Windowstemp and C:docs and settings(username)local settingstemp

Then restart in safe mode (reboot and when you see the windows screen hit f8) If you run the scanners in safe mode you will be more successful in cleaning out the infections.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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