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Was that a pin dropping?

I try to speak up only when i have something worth saying. And its not like me tracking down manufaturers of parts, or leads on stuff in my area will really interest anyone till i accualy start shelling out cash.

what i have been doing latley isn't really assosiated with the theme of this board, so its doubtful anyone would look at it as anything other than a interesting distraction.

I mean really, is anyone really all that interested in the fact that i've fixed a airsoft gun, fixed up a old farm scythe, or have been helping my father clean up and repair a bike building table?
HELLO! I did stop in a few times, but didn't see any new posts and hopped out. I guess I'm guilty of not saying much myself.:eek: My brake issue got solved today!:lol: But, the details are in the brake thread I already started.
I helped install a picture window and I helped fix a friends B2300 today, cleaned the injectors, siphoned the fuel out of the tank, replaced the fuel filter. At least i turned a wrench today, i just smell horrible...
Been in the garage pretty much most of Saturday and Sunday. Haven't done a great deal of work yet just a lot of smiling. I have a couple of this backordered so wainting for pars to show up:D

Master cylinder, u-bolts for the front end and grill shell. It has already been sent out, will have this Wednesday.


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