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We have a celebrity


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We have a celebrity among us. So Don, how do I get your autograph?

Hehe, wasn't that a cool piece that reporter did? When we were getting ready to leave Billetproof he was shooting video of my car from every angle and I said, "if you have any questions, I'd be happy to fill you in on it." So he did that piece. It was actually edited way down, he spent probably 15-20 minutes shooting film.

What was cool is that he wasn't the usual reporter who was sent out on an assignment he knew nothing about. He asked smart questions and knows cars evidently. He also put our hobby in a very good light.

But yeah, that was surprising to see. I was watching the video and up popped me and my T. (I've only watched it one time though :):rolleyes::lol:)


Autographs are $5 each or 5 for $ 20. LOL
5 for $20..:):rofl::lol:
But then that was a Kool report !!
:bow:You the man Don!
That was some very well deserved coverage of your car, Don, I've loved it and your sons, ever since I first saw them. You guys put a few shops to shame.
Yeah, I made him "an offer he couldn't refuse!" :eek::D Thanks guys for the nice words. It was more a matter of being in the right place at the right time, but I did enjoy seeing that piece. Kinda makes all those cuts and burns and long nights worthwhile. :)


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