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Wee bit over the top...

HOLY CRAP:eek::eek:

I bet its hard to hang on to!!!

maybe 20 years ago I'd a tried it......but not today!!

I'd definitely have to wear Depends!:eek:
This same guy did the same thing a few years back, trying to get the bicycle land speed record... But it seams that the record books did not allow his record to stand, something about mounting a rocket on your bicycle, thats it no longer consided a bicycle...

The rockets he uses are hydrogen peroxide rockets, as much as I love bicycles the idea of dangling the boys one inch above a running rocket dose not sound like fun to me :)

Now I got to see this in person at Inter-bike a few years back

ATP Factory Tour

Andd with the exhaust temp around 2000 no one going to be sucking your wheel!

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