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well boys I passed my NSRA 23 point inspection!


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My wife and me drove for an hour in ahalf to the nsra inspectors house.very nice guy I may add.he went over my car with a fine tooth comb.He had some help from his son.and my T was well behaved and she passed!good I can send for my street rod plates.(already in the mail)tee hee!, see ya Jj
Congrads that is a good fealin to get this kind stuff out of the way.
Congrats on gettin that done now the fun begins. I'm shootin for september to get mine ready, would be a good 70th birthday presant...Francis
You know what i was thinking,instead of us all going out and buying wiper motors that hang on the glass,i can ship the motor and blade to the next guy up for inspection then just keep passing it along till i get it back.good idea? it something like the headers you guys pass around.jj
I am proud of you, as that was for safety also, right??
I went to the Nats car show here in Bakersfield today at the fair grounds, I was very dissappointed in the quality of a big percentage ( 85% at least) were very un safe, to say the least, and some very high buck, all chrome, fancy Blown that were really just to look at, terrible riding and would not last for too many miles on the street, so sad.. :(
Congrats do you have to have an electric wiper to pass a hand operated wiper wont cut it?
I had hand wiper they said either vac or electric.all i had to do is make one sweep.oh and thanks Ted ,that means alot coming from you!jj
JJ.. i am waiting for my NSRA member card. Once I get it i have apply for my street rod tag application. long story short , i would love to borrow/rent the wiper setup. Is it still available? If i remember correct you live about 10 minutes from me.
Congrats. Just some gee whiz information. In 1988 I checked into importing my 1968 Austin-Healey Sprite from England. I had to bring it up to DOT specs to import it and one thing that stood out in the requirements. Vehicles with windshields less than 40" wide did not require windshield wipers.
Specops very nice car. I like the color.
thats no problem, let me know when your inspection'll need a cig type out let to power it.drop me an email and i'll have it for you.I can also show you my inspection sheet.jj
Specops really nice car I wonder could they andonize the tunnel ram green to match that would really make it green.
That would be cool.heres the guys number he lives in lakehurst nj.straight up rt. 70.his name is lenny 732-657-4391.tell him i gave you the number.JJ
Thanks everyone for the complements on the bucket and thanks for the phone number and name JJ. i will get in touch will you about the wiper when i get closer if your cool with in. if not just let me know and i will buy a set up.
its up to you bro.doesn't cost that much,you'll need it next time you go thru inspection.just keep me posted.I know that the NSRA will take couple weeks.JJ
No offense to anyone... but... how does an inspector inspect your car with their son???

unless hes at a certain age?!?!?!?! I am thinking waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy outloud here!!!!!!!!!!
The son is in his 30's and drove up in a cool 23 coupe that i would die for,but him and his father both looked over the car for about an hour ,the dad would ask about things on the check list and son would measure it or check to see if it was within specs require by the state or club standards.very professional JJ
Brucer, check out the "WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF HAVING YOUR CAR PASS THE NSRA SAFETY INSPECTION" thread in the LOUNGE forum. In there you will see that I posted the pages from the NSRA Vehicle safety Inspection Manual that list the items that are checked. I hope that it helps you.


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