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Well I spent about 30 hours on the T this long weekend...


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...and I don't feel like I got much done. It must be because I had to clean and polish every shiny piece you see in the following pix. I'm thinking my next hot rod is going to be "rat." I am SOOO tired of polishing!! :mad:

Started with a bare frame at 8:00 Saturday morning. This is what it looks like at 19:00 tonight. Still hoping to have it streetable in time for the Minnesota Mini-Nats in three weeks!

Oh, and by the way, I've decided the blue and red AN fittings on the fuel lines don't go with the flames, so I just order about $200 worth of "Endura" fittings to change out! :eek:
Saweet, it looks great Lee. :rofl:
Yeah the putting together process goes really slow at the point when the interior and dash starts . Looking really good.
Cool lee, sure hope we run into each other at the mini nats. Putz says hes comin too.

akitagandy said:
I think that rearend is too narrow ,Wa do u think

No, just really low profile tires :rofl:
Hey Lee, what happened to that guy that said he did not want to do all that polishing stuff a couple of years ago? Sure glad that he left town because your ride is looking GREAT!

I installed my radiator over the weekend, filled it up and the water pumped leaked in tow places. This morning, I gave it the fifth try and it still leaked. My mechanic shows up reinstalls, in five minutes, it doesn't leak. Go figure. While I had the water pump off, of course, I had to polish on it for an hour, to get the water spots off. The I realized the oil filter was leaking, so I bgought another one, and reinstalled it. It still leaked. Again, my mechanic checks it out and says, "Here's your problem. Some idiot mounted the screw on filter adapter, for a BBC, instead of a one for a SBC.. I lied and said it must have been the guy I bought it from, ha!.
One other thing KC. When you put two-cycle oil in the cylinders for soak and lube. Be sure to put your turnouts on. Otherwise, when you fire it up, it takes about 8hrs. to clean the exhaust oil off, and repolish all the rear chrome and billet.
Try and never fire it up with your headers on, (too noisy) you want it as quiet as you can get it, so the little Man inside with the BFHammer, can be heard if He wants out... and you will keep your pipes looking good longer as a well tuned engine will not Blue pipes as bad... Just me here.. Happy building :lol:

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