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Well, if no one has anything to say....


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..I'll just tell you what's going on with "Nuevo Retro T"! So, last week I got my pulleys from Speedway. They were $20 each. A very good price compared to a few other places I checked out. I also recieved the bracket assembly from Speedway that will mount the alternator on the lower drivers side of the engine. They have two different designs. One kinda looks like it is cradleing the alternator and the other attaches around the upper circumference of the alternator. I chose the cradle style because it looked like it would hold the alternator a little higher up. Not much, maybe an inch or two. It just seemed like it would look better to me. I'm also going to measure for my driveshaft and get an estimate. I got a lead on a local place that says they can fab one for $200, we'll see. No pics yet, I'll post them when I get the alternator, starter and plug wires this weekend. So...... bear with me.

While on a break today, I was looking at my T and had a brainstorm. I have not mounted the drag link and pionion arm because I have yet to get my steering box. The reason I have not gotten it, is because the coloumn support that will hold it attaches to the floor of the Total body. So. today I thought about mocking up the floor so I can mount the steering setup. This will accomplish two things. I'll be able to steer my chassis easier when I move it around and it will enable me to mock up a seat setup for when I get ready to start her up.

I'm also going to make a board with holes cut out for the guages and ignition switch. I got the idea from an episode of "Tool Time". Tim Allen made a panel to hold his guages when he fired his roadster for the first time. So, I'll have a platform to sit on and my guages will be able to be connected and supported, so I can monitor my engine when I fire it up. With no interuptions, this should happen by mid October or the second week of November. I was hoping for October 12 (her birthday), but that got shot down when I had to have my A/C repaired. No worries. I'm still way ahead of where I thought I would be. the year has gone so fast.:eek:

Now...... somebody else post. This place is boring without you guys.:sad:
Yeah it has been quiet around here latley. I gotta thank you for all the links to rims you keep putting up for me, i was kicking around in old posts and noticed one i don't even remember seeing befor, felt kindof odd to be responding to such a old post, but whatever...

My union had hit a bit of a dry spell for work as of late, and i took on some warehouse work throwing around home furnature. not the money i'm used to, and it didn't support my hobbies but it kept me afloat on bills. So my only progress has been in planning, but i just got the call today that i'll be going to work on a ethanol plant nearby and hopefully that will change things a bit for me. I need to get some maintenance done on my truck, finish registering the bobber, and then maybe i can get back to the nailhead. I'm thinking getting some of those strombergs off the older fellow i mentioned in a earlyer post will be the next step.

Glad to hear your project has still been moving along even if we can't get the pace thomas has been enjoying;-)
I think everyone has probably been busy with the end of summer festivities of the last weekend. For those of us in this part of the country, we are painfully aware that we likely only have the possibility of 6-7 really nice weekends ahead of us, before the weather starts to go sour.

I've been planning a trip down to Columbus, IN for the annual Scottish Festival, this Saturday and they are now predicting a small chance of rain. :confused: So we're reduced to grabbing the few opportunities we get to enjoy the weather.
Yea, I was just rambling guys. I forget that everyone else may have other things they are working on. It's hard to believe the summer is almost over. I really accomplished a lot, so far. I had a little time frame of when I wanted certain things done and I'm actually ahead of it. (knock on wood)

The weather here is so messed up, it's pathetic! Humid as heck, rains for about 30 minutes to an hour, then the sun comes out. Like a sauna. We never really know what part of Houston it's going to rain on, lately. The weatherman predicts 50%, so he can cover his butt.

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