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whats the difference between.......


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anyone know the difference between dual or single plane intake manifold? and can anyone recommend a intake & carb combo.just looking to use for cruising and little speed.thanks jj
The dual plane is designed to give low rpm performance to higher mid range rpm's. The single plane is to have better response at mid range to high rpm. For normal street driving the dual plane is excellent. But, I am not an expert on manifolds - just my understanding. :D
A single plane is more appropriate for racing. A dual plane is what you want. Carb size depends on engine size. Most use the Chevy 350. A 600 cfm Holley will work. I had the Holley 4160 on mine with vacuum secondaries and electric choke. I put in a weaker spring so that the secondaries would open quicker and my throttle response was great. I it had a tendency to run a little rich, even after I jetted it down as low as it could go. A 500 cfm carb will perform better.
Yep that's what make's this forum click you have guy's here that know some $#it !!:D
Just remember when you set everything up it should match. The Intake, and Cam should all match each other. If the intake is rated only for 1500 to 5500 rpm but your cam is 2500-6500 rpm then theres a mis match. Then you'll need to find a matching carb for your application too. Edlebrock carb is a more forgiving carb for a street application vs Holley, imho. You still get performance from the Edlebrock carb, but its a bit easier on sucking the gas down. But as always you have to TNT with every carb to get the right one for your motor. My suggestion would be to get a dual plane intake with a 600 cfm or so carb, with a cam thats about two to three steps above stock. You should be good to go for the street. Just my 2 cents.

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