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what's up hot roders


New Member
I am a newby just starting my hot rod build with my father who is a old hot roder. I will need alot of help and advice. We have built many hot rods in the past but never a T-bucket. It has been a dream of mine to build one. I am starting with a taged 23 T but it was poorly home built so we decided to scrap all but the paper work and start from scrach. Thanks for your time and having me as a member.
Lots of good information here
Welcome Blue. Check the projects page, then add one of your own when you get pics.
Welcome Blue05, if you're going to be starting a build then you've come to the right place. This has got to be the friendliest most knowledgeable T-Bucket forum on the internet.
thats cool I just joined a few days ago and I plan on building a 23 as cheap and as cool as I can ,flat black, steel wheels, chevy 350,nothin fancy just somthin else to go fast in on weekends
Welcome to the site. Post up pix's of your build when you have a chance.
welcome to the site blue! my first piece of advice is DON'T through anything away till your t is back on the road!

WELCOME to the forum . Great to have a dad to work with on your T!!!!

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