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with the ad's on the bottom when you check new posts?
I don't know but I was just slapped in the face with a bunch of very lewd banner adds. :mad:

I sure hope that doesn't continue or I'll be gone like the wind.
Looks like porn sites to me, did not open one; don't need to I know crap when I see it. Hope it is gone soon, or I will be. I hope this site doesn't start having problems like TP did. Webmaster - fix this please :mad:

OK, let's see if that problem has been handled. If not, we'll work with another advertising group and leave this one behind.

If you see any more objectionable ads, please send me or one of the other staff members a Private Message, so we can get to work on fixing it, straight away.

I'm sure the advertising group will remain in denial, but I will offer you my own apologies. And my reassurance that we will not accept any more of that trash than you will. This was set up to be a family-friendly forum and it will remain that way.
Thanks Web. That's not what I came to this site to see.

Track-T said:
with the ad's on the bottom when you check new posts?


I have not seen anything like you, or others are talking about. At the bottom of the page, I only get this strange vertical text string with a gray background that says "Your Ad Here." No ad at all.

I only use Linux at home, and the Firefox web browser. Maybe that makes a difference.

Thanks Webmaster, I should of sent a PM. I am ashamed to say, I didn't think of that. :eek:
Nobody needs to thank me for anything. I'm really upset that material appeared in the first place, so it is me needing to apologize to you.

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