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where has paulie been??


Hi All,
I got a note on the top of the forums telling me I havent posted in several weeks. Hmmm, has it been that long? The summers going too fast..
Well after the great rollerskating incident back in june, I was screwing aound skating backwards and broke my wrist. So what typing I have done has been almost all one handed. Allie our 7 year old daughter was on the road with the grandparents for a week and a half. That left Karrie and I with a whole bunch of loose time. Over the fourth we hooked the teardrop camper to the bucket and went on a 500 mile 3 day road trip. Went to a car show near the wifes folks place and ended up winning a trophy for best street rod, they have a pretty good time in some of these small towns. Drove the whole way with a cast on my right arm, glad my bucket drives good, makes one handing easy. Layed low for a couple weeks and went to another show today. Picked up a 1st place for best "custom" and a best of show trophy. Life is good! lol
When Ive been out driving in the bucket Ive been trying to hit old pre interstate roads like route 66, up here we have US 10 US 71, 61 and 75. Its amazing how much of america we miss by just being in too much of a hurry. Im finding cool stuff in my own backyard I just never realized what it was..Life looks different on t bucket time and Im really liking it..
Dad has been not good the past month and a half either so I have been taking care of the folks homeplace. Parkinsons and severe rhumatoid arthritis are a real beach and I hope its gonna miss me, 65 is too young to be stuck in a lift chair. Been hard to watch, his mood is fair to positive.. well enuff of my crap, gonna go sit on the deck and dream of 20 below days and 40 below zero nights to come... Paul
Hey Paul, you are so right. A few years a go a friend and I drove down 61 to Mississippi. What a great trip. lots to see on these old highways. I would rather go to these one day festival shows than the weekend 3 day shows.

All the way to mississippi, we have talked about doing that trip on 61. I think were gonna do 66 next summer but with the buick. Gonna be neat, never seen an ocean before.
61 is a cool road, I can just picture bob dylan thumbing his way "out on highway 61" All the traffic headed up to the iron range in the day too, I couldnt imagine the truck traffic. Alot of the old support system is still there in one way shape or form. Old gas stations, motels and cafes, its all there, just slow down and go look. Its perfect for touring with the hotrod..
I did a few parts of 66 thru AZ and NM earlier this month, on a Harley. It was enough to spark an interest to ride the whole route. :lol:
Late summer is not prime time to be going to the gulf area look at Texas right now and super hot.I would make that trip in June right after kids get out of school.

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