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Whose great looking bucket in WA?


Ran across this great photo of a great looking car today. Anybody claim the bucket or know who it belongs to? Excellent photographer!
Holy smokes!:eek:
Somebody know how to use a camera, that's a great looking car and a well composed photograph.
I did a little digging and managed to find out a bit of information behind the photograph and another picture of the setup for the shoot. Basically what were looking at is a photoshop composite of 3 pictures.

1923 Ford T-Bucket owned by Paul Nolan. This was meant to be a sunny day shot, but by the time we got to the shooting location, the light was completely on the other side of the sky and unusable. Weather changes quick in Seattle. I waited around for a bit to see what would happen, and this is what I came up with. I'm pretty happy with it.

This one took quite a while, because there were a lot of nook and crannies for me to work around when manually blending the exposures. Things like the spokes, the window frame, the hood ornament...all took me a lot of time. This is a 3 exposure combination:

Side of car and ground
Front of car

Wow, Very nicely done. With photoshop, you may need to start wondering if a car is real. Its amazing what can be done.

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